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Tiny Home Village
at St Andrew's

St Andrew's is thrilled to partner with WeShine PDX to host a transitional housing village in the church parking lot.  This village will house older adults (45+) and people with physical disabilities, prioritizing BIPOC folks and people who have lived in North Portland.

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Joint Office Approves Village Funding!

After reviewing WeShine's previous work and plans for the St Andrew's village, the Joint Office of Homeless Services has approved funding to build and operate the village for 2024.  Site planning is underway and building/lot improvements will begin in early 2024.

Good Neighbor Agreement and Good Guest Agreement

The Good Guest Agreement outlines expectations for guests (residents) of the village.

The Good Neighbor Agreement (still in progress with neighbor residents and business owners) describes commitments and agreements between the village and community members and provides avenues for ongoing communication.

Are you a neighbor or community member interested in signing the Good Neighbor Agreement?  Let us know!

Portland Shed Is Building Sleeping Pods!

Our friends at Portland Shed are constructing 10 sleeping pods to populate the village.  Portland Shed is an all-volunteer organization.  Want to help build pods?  Get in touch with WeShine!

 Saint Andrew's
Episcopal Church
7600 North Hereford Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97203

(503) 568-4541

Our Sunday Services begin at
10:30 AM
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